Welcome to Livingroom Festival 2011


Dear all,

Great news: the exhilaration caused by the first edition of the Living Room Festival crossed the Spanish and the German borders! This year, the Living Room Festival expands: Berlin and Madrid welcome Brussels and Zagreb. As last year, on the same days and at the same time – from the 19th till 22nd of December 2011 at 19:30 – in four cities – Berlin, Brussels, Madrid and Zagreb – Living Room Festival kicks off.

We invite you to our cozy living rooms for four days of coming together to watch performances and movies, listen to readings and concerts, play games, talk about the works that we present or about any subject that comes on the table. We’ll transpose our works to our living rooms to transform them and give rise to new meanings. One festival and four different programs designed to trigger your curiosity, involvement and wishes, as well as ours. Simultaneously in Berlin, Brussels, Madrid andZagreb, four days of experiments, you and us together, during which we will consider our works as devices to create relations and dialogues. The intimacy of the context will envelope us in a sense of community, so that the usual role of the spectator simply vanishes. Between the different events, there will be time to talk, to chill and lie down on soft pillows and blankets, to have some drinks, eat and of course party. We count on your legendary enthusiasm and your strong desire for sharing, transforming, getting contaminated and developing sensibilities.  So… dear Berliners, Brusseleir, Zagrepcani and Madrileño-a-s: between the 19th and the 22nd of December, come and squat our sofas!

The audience capacity is from 20 to 35 people, depending on the show. In Berlin, Brussels and Zagreb, entrance is free and drinks are cheap. In Madrid, a small token is asked as an entrance and the drinks are free.

Mandatory reservation on:
livingroomfestival.berlin@gmail.com  for the events in Berlin
livingroomfestivalbrussels@spinspin.be for the events in Brussels
livingroomfestival.madrid@gmail.com for the events in Madrid
livingroomfestival.zagreb@gmail.com for the events in Zagreb


Designed by Juan Domínguez, Frederic Gies, Ekscena, Ivana Roncevic, Zeljka Sancanin, Cuqui Jerez, María Jerez, Luis Úrculo, Jefta Van Dinther, Hans Bryssinck, Manah Depauw, Christoph Hefti, Sophie Nys, Diederik Peeters, Sarah&Charles, Adva Zakai

In collaboration with O.N.E./Martina Nevistic, Iva Korencic, UnaVizek, Sonja Pregrad, Fiskultura, Ekscena, OOUR /Selma Banich, Sandra Banic Naumovski, Adam Semijalac; BADco, Sanja Tropp, Zeljka Sancanin, Ivana Roncevic, Angela Schubot, An Kaler, Antonija Livingstone, Diane Busuttil, Ehud Darash, Irina Müller, Antonia Baehr, Lea Martini, Diego Argulló, Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Ligia Manuela Lewis, Laura Siegmund, Manuel Pelmus, Armand, Hubert Bächler, Hans Bryssinck, Manah Depauw, Christoph Hefti, Zhana Ivanova, Julie Lenaerts, Les Mireilles, Sophie Nys, Diederik Peeters, Sarah&Charles, Spookhuisje, Johan Wambacq, Adva Zakai and others

Graphic Design: Luis Urculo

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