Monday | 19.12.2011

Una Vizek: Solo for bed and piano/Two stories
Video showings. Two showings.

O.N.E./MARTINA NEVISTIĆ, IVA KORENČIĆ: Interaction. Intermedia.
O.N.E. would like to be in interaction, communication, transfer, share during Living Room Festival.

OOUR’s living room

Sanja Frühwald/VRUM performing arts collective: The Coming Community – Whatever experiment
The Whatever experiment is a try-out of a structured improset that comes as a performative response on reading works of Giorgio Agamben and Walter Benjamin.

Tuesday | 20.12.2011

BADroom (or BADco. feat Podroom): A Peer Discussion on Self-Organization
Discussion on the present moment and present framing of artistic practice, starting from a historic document that will serve us as a script. This document is a discussion between the Artistic Worker Co-operative “Podroom”.

ekscena: 10 years
14 Croatian choreographers, press conference, celebration, big party and an international premiere of the film that we made for our 10th anniversary.

Wednesday | 21.12.2011

Željka Sančanin: Topologies of particular places
Pillow lecture introducing premises such as : Artworks that don’t matter any more, but circumstances, Artists vanishing into the realm of art and terror relationship, Digital painting theatre, Holograms and Multiple surfaces.

Sonja Pregrad: RZBBKMLBZ
The video ‘RZBBKMLBZ’ takes place in a private appartment as the space for artistic activity. Thus it speaks about the spaces in which we are at the moment.

Ivana Rončević:  Guide through the galaxy.
Sharing the traveling experience and invitation for developing the guidebook.

Thursday| 22.12.2011

FISKULTURA COLLECTIVE: Richness of the language
Anyway we do not know what we will do when we come to your living room because we do not know what we will do when we come to ours.


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